• La Rosa Harley Sportster Black Leather Throw Over Left & Right Mount Saddle Bags

    La Rosa Design

  • $289.99

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This is a set of brand new La Rosa black leather left and right throw over saddle bags. This is the newest La Rosa throw over saddle bag set created by La Rosa due to the many demands from customers. This La Rosa bag set is created specially for universal Harley Davidson Sportster frame. Installation is extremely easy with adjustable hanging heights with the center lacing system. Buyer just simply put the saddle bags on the bike and tighten the back straps to the frame and you are ready to ride. The high quality cow hide leather was hand pick and chosen by Don La Rosa himself, any flaws or defects will be discard immediately. Each bag is sew individually and went to series of quality check, so a custom unique look will be given to the buyers and the buyer only. No two bag will look exactly the same! With heavy leather straps as installation, this saddle bag is specially design to hug the line of the frame for a perfect fitment. The best is that all La Rosa saddle bags are proudly produce in the U.S.A, so no cheap knock off's from China. This is your saddle bag, if you are looking for a something that can turn heads and give your ride a unique style!

Measurement on each bag

Top length = 12"
Bottom length = 16"
Top to Bottom height = 11 1/2"
Depth = 3 1/2"